About Us

Shann Australia has its origins in the 1950s with the late Frank O’Shannassy selling sewing threads from the family home. His staff consisted of his wife Barbara and their nine children. Through the years there were mergers with a zipper company and then an American corporation, with the O’Shannassy’s retaining their shares in these ventures. Over this period the company kept expanding its product range and the trades to which it sold. In 1987 the O’Shannassy family and some of the key executives purchased the company making it 100% Australian-owned.

Many of the staff are experts in their line of work, so clients can feel secure in the knowledge of technical backing from one of the largest reputable organizations in the field.

Shann have warehouses around Australia and in New Zealand, directly employing over 100 people. The diversification that has taken place now sees the following industries being serviced: Window Fabrics, Canvas, Marine, Furniture, Print Media, Bedding, Automotive, Footwear, Clothing, and Haberdashery.

In early 2023 Shann are also expanding their online presence. Starting with clothing, thread, and haberdashery in conjunction with some of the world’s leading manufacturers., Shann have launched a new e-commerce platform that will sell products online direct to registered Australian retailers.

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